Version 1.8 of TESLA released

Quintessa's TESLA software package supports transparent decision making for complex problems, making use of Evidence Support Logic (ESL). The software offers an easy-to-use graphical interface, allowing decisions to be broken down into simpler, manageable pieces which are easier to explore. Analysis tools are also provided to enable a critical appraisal of each aspect of the decision process.

New features have been introduced to make TESLA easier to use in workshop situations allowing information to be recorded more efficiently and presented more effectively. TESLA is also now even more flexible allowing different scoring scales and scoring methods to be combined to best represent a given attribute. There is also much greater opportunity to record information, with the user being allowed to record comments on any element of a decision tree from a specific score to a whole group of attributes.

A demonstration copy of TESLA for Windows is available for free download from here. Users with existing licences less than a year old can upgrade for free; other users can purchase or renew licences online.