Quintessa provides technical and strategic consultancy, research and software to facilitate a low carbon energy future.

Review of CLESA PCRSA for Sellafield Ltd

The Calder Landfill Extension Segregated Area (CLESA) is an Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) authorised Low Activity - Low Level Waste (LA-LLW) containment landfill for the disposal of non-hazardous radioactive waste generated at Sellafield. A team from AECOM and Quintessa have recently worked with Sellafield Ltd to review CLESA’s Post-Closure Radiological Safety Assessment (PCRSA), to support ongoing permitting of the facility... Full Details

AMBER 6.1 Released

Quintessa is very pleased to announce that the latest version of AMBER was released to existing customers with software maintenance agreements in September 2016. AMBER 6.1 has some useful new features, including: full support for Linux as well as Windows and, an 'Apply' button on parameter tabs, allowing the effect of changes to be viewed via 'Show Values' while the tab remains open... Full Details

SSM’s External Experts’ Reviews of SKB’s Safety Assessment SR-PSU

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has received an application for the expansion of SKB’s final repository for low and intermediate level waste at Forsmark (SFR). SSM is tasked with the review of the application and will issue a statement to the government who will decide on the matter. Quintessa is supporting SSM in the areas of Radionuclide Transport Modelling and Biosphere Modelling... Full Details

GHGT-13: International Developments in CCS

Richard Metcalfe attended GHGT-13 to present a risk assessment for the offshore CO2 storage component of the proposed White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project (White Rose CCS Project). Quintessa undertook this assessment under contract to National Grid Carbon Limited (NGC). The assessment was structured using Quintessa’s decision-support software TESLA... Full Details

James Kite and Simon Rookyard Join Quintessa

Quintessa is pleased to announce that both James Kite and Simon Rookyard have joined its Maths and Software Team. James joined the Henley office in November 2016 and is focused on supporting both internal and client-focused software development activities. Simon joined the Warrington office in September 2016 where he provides statistical modelling support to EDF Energy’s advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors in the UK... Full Details

BIOPROTA C-14 Workshop

Quintessa is part of the technical support team to the latest BIOPROTA project relating to improving understanding and modelling of C-14 in the biosphere. This project is centred on model-data and model-model comparisons based on three experimental/observational data sets. The project workshop was held 22-23 November 2016, hosted by EdF in Paris, France..... Full Details

NDA Estate Supply Chain Event

Quintessa supported the Nucleus stand at the NDA Estate Supply Chain Event in November 2016. The Nucleus team came together to provide solutions to the NDA Estate on the Specialist Nuclear Services (SNS) framework, lots 1 to 4. Nucleus’ unique structure provides access to technical experts, who are able to respond rapidly and appropriately to the UK nuclear industry’s most complex challenges... Full Details

Quintessa Revamps its Website

Quintessa's website has been evolving since its inception back in 1999. In September 2016 we launched the latest update to its design, bringing a number of improvements: support for browsing using non-desktop browsers (e.g. touch screen devices such as phones and tablets), improved load times for those accessing the site via slow connections, search functionality enhancements... Full Details