SSM’s External Experts’ Reviews of SKB’s Safety Assessment SR-PSU

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has received an application for the expansion of SKB’s final repository for low and intermediate level waste at Forsmark (SFR). SSM is tasked with the review of the application and will issue a statement to the government who will decide on the matter. An important part of the application is SKB’s assessment of the long-term safety of the repository, which is documented in the safety analysis named SR-PSU.

SSM has contracted a number of external experts to support its review of SR-PSU. Quintessa is supporting SSM in the areas of Radionuclide Transport Modelling and Biosphere Modelling. The review is being undertaken in two phases: an initial review phase and a main review phase. The initial review phase has been completed and the findings published in SSM report 2016:09. The main review phase is currently being undertaken. Within the main review phase, Quintessa has been tasked with re‑implementing key aspects of SKB’s radionuclide transport and biosphere models using the AMBER code. The findings of the main review phase will be published later in 2017.

Image courtesy of SKB.