Visualisation is a powerful aid to understanding data in support of decision-making, and there are many excellent generic software tools available including statistical packages, multi-dimensional model visualisation applications, and geographic information systems.

Quintessa develops custom visualisation software in all these areas. For example, statistical modelling output can be visualised with the CoreStats package, and multi-dimensional model output using QPAC Viewer.

In addition, a niche service provided by Quintessa is the development of custom software for both visualising and analysing operational and modelled data for complex industrial installations and sites. Typically data relates to a variety of component parts of a plant or site, each of which has a number of different characteristics and sources of data.

For example, Quintessa has developed a custom portfolio selection and visualisation tool (CHANSELA) for EDF Energy to support decisions about which fuel channels in the graphite cores of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors should be inspected as part of their continued safe operation. CHANSELA projects combinations of data onto a map of a reactor core and uses a genetic algorithm to help select a group of channels to be inspected based on user-defined criteria. The concepts behind CHANSELA are applicable to a range of industrial plant and sites where high value and timely decisions need to be made taking account of a diversity of time-dependent operational and/or modelling data.

Chansela Visualisation