GoldSim is a very widely used probabilistic, generic modelling tool, designed to support investigation of complex systems in areas such as environmental impact assessment, water resources, engineering and finance. This flexibility is achieved through a modular structure implemented through a highly graphical interface, with a heavy emphasis on exploring uncertainty through Monte Carlo and scenario-based analysis. GoldSim is developed, maintained and sold by GoldSim Technology Group.

Quintessa use GoldSim as part of our range of modelling tools to support safety assessment work in radioactive waste management, most notably in support of the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) near Drigg in West Cumbria, UK and Radioactive Waste Management Limited.  For LLWR, GoldSim has been used for a wide range of activities, including to examining potential gas migration through the LLWR cap and the environmental impacts of coastal erosion at the LLWR site.  The use of GoldSim in addition to other tools is part of our commitment to use the ‘right tool for the right job’ and reflect specific client needs.

In addition to consultancy work using GoldSim, Quintessa also provides bespoke training on the use of GoldSim and safety assessment methodologies in general, including to the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission on behalf of IAEA, DECOM a.s., Nuvia Ltd and Sellafield Ltd.