Concepts for Handling Norwegian Spent Nuclear Fuel and other Radioactive Waste

Quintessa has contributed to the successful completion of a concept selection study (KVU) for an intermediate store for spent nuclear fuel and other long-lived radioactive waste in Norway. The study was undertaken for the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries by DNV GL AS and its partners Studsvik Nuclear AB, Quintessa Ltd., Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB and Samfunns- og Næringslivsforskning AS (SNF).


The study recommended sending all used Norwegian spent nuclear fuel abroad to be stabilised (reprocessed). In this case, Norway would receive a limited amount of stabilised waste in return. The study proposed a concept on storing the radioactive waste either in an enlarged combined storage and landfill site at Himdalen or in a new location to be brought forward to a pre-project phase.