Finnish Final Disposal Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel can be Built to be Safe

In its statement submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy on 11 February 2015, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) notes that the spent nuclear fuel encapsulation plant and final disposal facility designed by Posiva can be built to be safe.

The statement is based on the safety review and assessment conducted by STUK, the purpose of which was to ensure that the requirements of the Nuclear Energy Act are met. STUK’s safety assessment is required for the decision on the construction licence that the Ministry of Employment and the Economy will prepare and the Government will make.  Before the actual commencement of final disposal operations for spent nuclear fuel, an operating licence from the Government is required for the encapsulation plant and final disposal facility. Posiva is expected to apply for the licence in 2020.

Quintessa has provided expert support to STUK on the post-closure safety analysis of the disposal system, and independent analysis of the long-term thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) evolution of the facility.