Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Underpinning Science and Technology

The underpinning science and technology for the geological disposal of radioactive was discussed at a conference at Loughborough University from the 18th to 20th October 2011 supported by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Radioactive Waste Management Directorate and a number of learned societies.

Quintessa’s work on this topic was described in the following presentations and posters at the conference.

  • Biosphere Studies Supporting the Disposal System Safety Case
  • Coupled hydro-mechanical-chemical process modelling in argillaceous formations for DECOVALEX-2011
  • Geological Disposal Programme Design and Prioritisation in the Face of Uncertainty: Use of Structured Evidence Support Logic Techniques
  • Understanding the Behaviour of Gas in a Geological Disposal Facility: Modelling Coupled Processes and Key Features at Different Scales
  • The Long-Term Cement Studies project: the UK contribution to model development and testing
  • Interactions between the Co-located ILW/LLW and HLW/SF Components if a Geological Disposal Facility

Image courtesy of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Radioactive Waste Management Directorate.