Portfolio Picker Free Software Released

Quintessa has launched a freely downloadable software application, Portfolio Picker, for selecting an optimal set of options that together satisfy a range of constraints and criteria.

While portfolio analysis is usually associated with financial services, there are many applications in the energy and environmental sectors. For example, Quintessa has used portfolio analysis techniques for supporting decisions on policy options, nuclear reactor inspections, environmental monitoring and site restoration strategies.

Portfolio Picker is designed to provide a straightforward introduction to portfolio selection and the Portfolio Picker Case Studies document describes illustrative applications to planning investment portfolios, university choices, what to wear and what to eat.

For major projects Quintessa develops custom portfolio selection software tailored to client needs. An example is CHANSELA developed for EDF Energy, which takes account of a wide range of factors to support decisions on which selection of channels of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGRs) should be inspected to support continued safe operation.