Quintessa at Bath Autumn Careers Fair 2019

Dr Mark Pogson and Linus Head attended the Autumn Careers & Placements Fair held at the University of Bath on Friday 18th October.

Quintessa has a long history of employing University of Bath students on year-long placements. Such placements are mutually beneficial; the students gain relevant experience in a professional environment as well insight into the fields in which we work and how mathematics is used in industry. Quintessa's size means that the students can actively participate in a wide range of business activities. For its part, Quintessa benefits from talented individuals wishing to undertake such placements, using the opportunity to progress interesting research and development projects and to capitalise on the value of a fresh outlook. Participation at the Autumn 2019 Careers & Placements Fair provided Quintessa with an excellent opportunity to discuss placement opportunities for 2020/21 with students. We now look forward to receiving applications for placements in our Henley-on-Thames and Warrington offices.

In the past, University of Bath placement students have made significant contributions to the development of three of our free software downloads, Graph Grabber, LATIN and Portfolio Picker and to updating our website. They have also been involved in various mathematical modelling initiatives and supporting the testing of Quintessa's software. To date, two placement students have also gone on to become full-time employees following completion of their studies; Neil Chittenden and more recently Rebecca Newson.