Quintessa Celebrates UK Employee Ownership Day 2019

Employee Owners at Quintessa were once again delighted to be part of the UK Employee Ownership (EO) Day, a national celebration of the positive impact of employee ownership.

During the day, which was organised by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) and sponsored by Gripple, numerous events were held across the UK involving thousands of employee owners from many different types of business. Quintessa’s Henley-on-Thames office celebrated once again with a picnic, followed  by a game of “Aunt Sally” - a traditional English game where players attempt to knock a “dolly” off a spike by throwing a wooden baton at it from distance.

Aunt Sally at Quintessa on Employee Ownership Day 2019

Deb Oxley, CEO for the Employee Ownership Association, said:

Companies such as Quintessa are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved in an employee owned environment. This is why we celebrate the impacts of employee ownership on the individual, the business and the communities in which they are based. The EOA is proud to lead the sector-wide celebrations of employee ownership on EO Day 2019, as part of our activity to raise awareness and support the growth and impact of employee ownership in the UK.
Quintessa Group Photo on Employee Ownership Day 2019