Quintessa gives lectures at Radiological Protection Summer School

James Penfold was an invited speaker at the 30th Annual Radiological Protection Summer School, held 1st to 5th July 2019 at Christ’s College, Cambridge, UK.

The Radiological Protection Summer School is held annually in Cambridge, UK. James Penfold was one of the invited speakers for the 2019 summer school, with other lecturers coming from a variety of research, operational and regulatory organisations, many of whom Quintessa works with (EDF Energy, the Environment Agency, Sellafield Limited, the University of Bristol).

The 2019 lectures covered the themes of radiological protection regulation, environmental radioactivity and operational health physics, including a workshop on hazard identification in radiological risk assessment. James gave two lectures relating to environmental radioactivity. The first lecture was an introductory lecture on exploring environmental radioactivity, whilst the second addressed optimisation in environmental situations.

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