Shielding Awareness Course

Radiation doses from photons and neutrons can be calculated using relatively simple physics, but are often complicated geometrically.

Computer codes have therefore been developed over many decades to estimate dose rates from situations of varying complexity. These have an essential role in planning the design of new facilities and understanding how best to reduce doses to people from existing situations.

These type of dose calculations are frequently part of our work. James Penfold, Simon Rookyard and Steven Fan recently attended a Shielding Awareness Course by the Society for Radiological Protection in conjunction with the Shielding Forum which covered the radiation physics, shielding design and dose assessment. The two-day course covered fundamental shielding principles, discussions of the best approach for shielding design and the various commercially-available shielding software. It also included case studies from the nuclear and medical sectors. The course has increased Quintessa’s in-house shielding expertise and was a useful refresher for senior members of staff.

Shielding Awareness Course Photograph