Updating the NEA’s Features, Events and Processes (FEP) Database

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) first published a Features, Events and Processes (FEP) list for geological disposal of radioactive waste in 2000. It is currently being updated by the FEP Task Group of the NEA’s Integration Group for the Safety Case.  It is envisaged that the final product will be a web-based database that is relevant to both safety assessors and individual topic experts, to all designs of geological disposal facilities, and to all categories of radioactive waste in geological disposal facilities. It is anticipated that the database will be available in 2017.

Quintessa has supported the FEP Task Group by:

  • reviewing recent project-specific FEP lists that are of relevance;
  • proposing revisions to the NEA FEP List in light of the review;
  • implementing the revised NEA FEP List in a prototype web-based database; and
  • developing the requirements specification for Version 1 of the web-based database.