Environmental Safety

Risk assessment and modelling provides a central part of the argument about the safety of a restored site. However, this alone is insufficient to make the case that the site has been restored to a suitable condition. It is necessary to recognise wider regulatory requirements and demonstrate the robustness of the case though other lines of argument. For nuclear site restoration, this is usually referred to as an “Environmental Safety Case” (ESCs), and parallels the type of case developed for radioactive waste disposal facilities.

ESCs are necessarily detailed documents, so it is key that the structure is transparent and logical, and that key arguments are presented at various levels of detail. Quintessa’s experience in ESCs for radioactive waste disposal facilities has been used to develop the concept for the whole Dounreay Site in this way. Our capabilities in site characterisation, risk assessment and decision making also mean that we can integrate underpinning documents and the overarching ESC is a seamless way.