Land Quality Management

Historic nuclear industry sites are often contaminated as a result of practices that were less controlled than today, unregulated uses, or accidents and leaks. Some contaminants will, over time, migrate or degrade to safe levels, but others may remain bound to foundations, drains, soil and rock. The site may therefore require remediation or restoration to make it fit for reuse. Quintessa's Land Quality Management consulting services help nuclear site owners decide how best to deal with contamination.

Deciding on the amount and type of restoration work is a key question. It requires scientific and technical understanding of the contamination and the risks posed. It may also require engagement with the local community and other agencies. Drawing on our Land Quality Management experience, Quintessa can bring to bear a mix of key skills, 'from data to decisions'. Our expertise ranges from detailed characterisation and understanding of contaminant behaviour in the environment and human and environmental risks, to decision-aiding techniques and community and stakeholder engagement.

Image Courtesy of Sellafield Ltd.