Engaging Stakeholders

An appropriate and effective approach to engaging stakeholders is typically a key component of a successful waste management strategy development process. Depending upon the nature of the project, it might be relevant to consult regulators, planning authorities, local stakeholders, or even national groups. In addition, effective internal engagement involving interested parties within the waste management organisation but outside the immediate project team is often also key. Whatever the project, the approach to engagement needs to be reflective of the scale of the problem involved.

We often advocate early engagement on decisions for key wastes. Stakeholders such as regulators will typically be involved as observers in such a process, but nevertheless their early feedback on issues such as process and whether the scope of a study is likely to deliver outcomes that will address their concerns, can be key to building confidence in the project approach. Involvement of stakeholders in the later stages of a project such that they are transparently exposed to the evidence and reasoning underpinning the final choice of waste management approach also may also enhance the likelihood of the outcomes being accepted.

Quintessa has significant experience of designing decision support processes that involve appropriate interaction with stakeholders to the benefit of all parties.