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Have you ever wanted to include a graph in a paper or report when you do not have access to the original numerical data? For example you might have a scanned copy of a graph at poor quality/resolution or only have an image file, which you would like to reformat but do not have the original data.

Graph Grabber is a tool that enables you to retrieve data from graphs in the form of image files. It does this by allowing users to import their graph image into the software and then to trace over it using various graphing tools to capture the data.

The application allows new graphs to be plotted using the recovered data or allows the user to export the data in CSV (comma separated value) format so that it can be imported into standard spreadsheet packages.

Using Graph Grabber to analyse vacuum tube data

Please download the free Graph Grabber software by filling in the form below. You can also download the Graph Grabber User Guide.


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Microsoft Windows Vista (or newer), 32 bit or 64 bit
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.NET framework version 2.0/3.0/3.5
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