AMBER 5.7 Released

Quintessa is committed to the long-term development and support of the AMBER compartment modelling software tool. Software upgrades are provided annually to users with software maintenance agreements. AMBER 5.7 is the latest upgrade.

Many of the developments for AMBER 5.7 focus on facilitating more intuitive exploration of models. It is now possible to chart directly from Model and Submodel windows by right-clicking on compartments and transfers (see screenshot). This will bring up the charting options with the chosen item pre-selected in the indexing. Parameter values can be explored via the Parameters window by right-clicking and selecting ‘Show Values’; the resulting table of values can now be copied to the clipboard.

Other new features include the following.

  • A new graphing option allows the user to plot results for each realisation of a probabilistic run on a single chart.
  • The case information window with additional summary information is now displayed when a case file is opened.
  • The time points within time-dependent import parameters can now be defined as switch time parameters to alert the time-stepping solver to the potential for discontinuities.

A demonstration version of AMBER 5.7.1, which addresses some minor features in the AMBER 5.7 release, is available to download for free from here and the latest AMBER newsletter can be viewed here. Please contact us if you have any questions about AMBER including how to obtain or a licence or upgrade.

Exxample of AMBER