AMBER 6.4 Released

Quintessa is pleased to announce that the latest version of AMBER has been released. AMBER 6.4 offers users new functionality and a number of new features.

Users can now save views of their spatial model in the 3D View mode, such that camera angle, zoom, selected cells and hidden cells can be saved. This is useful if you wish to render a series of results on the 3D view, with the option to save multiple views in a single case file.

AMBER screenshot showing a 3D rendered spatial view and context menu with 'save' item
Saving a spatial view

When considering the spatial attributes of the system components in a post-closure safety assessment, it is not uncommon for the lateral extents to be on the scale of 1-100s of metres, but with depths of the order of metres or less. AMBER 6.4 introduces the capability for the user to specify a scale factor for each axis individually, which will change how the dimensions of the model are displayed proportionally to each other. The axis scale values are saved to the case file so that they are remembered.

Schematic shows: tunnel system, upstream river, passing river, and downstream river compartments. With dimensions from above and from the side

a) Schematic of a former mine working adjacent to a river

Screenshot from AMBER of the model without axis exaggeration. The model appears flat, important details are not visible.

b) 3D view of system without axis exaggeration

Screenshot from AMBER of the model with axis exaggeration. Important details from the schematic are visible.

c) 3D view of system with y- and z- axes exaggeration

Axes exaggeration example

These capabilities offer unique functionality compared with similar software packages, and provide a powerful way of communicating results such as the concentration of contaminants in a spatial context.

AMBER 6.4 also includes a range of new features to support parameter visualisation and other minor feature updates and various bug fixes.

Following user requests, we are producing videos of the AMBER 6.4 User Guide tutorials. These tutorial videos will be published on Quintessa Limited's YouTube page.

If you have a valid software maintenance agreement, please download AMBER 6.4. Alternatively download the free AMBER 6.4 Demo where you can evaluate its new functionality. If you would like to renew your maintenance agreement, please .

For further information on AMBER please visit AMBER's home page.