Mathilde Santucci’s Summer Internship at Quintessa

In July 2017, Mathilde Santucci worked at Quintessa for four weeks during her summer vacation from Aix-Marseille University – Polytech engineering school, where she is studying for a degree in Engineering.

During her time at Quintessa, Mathilde implemented in AMBER a mathematical model developed to consider the impact of different climatic conditions upon potential doses to humans arising from a deep geological radioactive waste disposal facility. The mathematical model was developed as part of the International Atomic Energy Agency programme entitled Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS II). The model makes use of AMBER's NameSet option functionality to be able to run calculations for different reference climate locations, soil types and also the nature of release to the biosphere.

Mathilde also developed her skills in using XML in supporting the finalisation of the documentation for the AMBER 6.2 release.

Screenshot of AMBER model for Biosphere Dose Conversion Factors for Different Climate Locations