AMBER 6.2 Released

Quintessa is pleased to announce that the latest version of AMBER has been released to existing customers with software maintenance agreements.

AMBER 6.2 has some useful new features, including:

  • export of the contents of both Model View and Spatial View tabs as images;
  • improved warning messages associated with the use of illegal characters in the names of parameters, NameSets, NameSet items, compartments and transfers;
  • right-click delete option for objects in the Model View Tab;
  • use of Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate around parameter grids with dual multiplicity; and
  • new internal parameters BqToKg and KgToBq.

In addition to the features listed above, AMBER 6.2 includes other minor feature updates and various bug fixes.

If you have a valid software maintenance agreement, please choose "Download AMBER 6.2". Alternatively download the free AMBER 6.2 Demo.

If you would like to renew your maintenance agreement, please contact us.

For further information on AMBER please visit AMBER's home page.