Pakistan National Training Course on GoldSim Modelling

In December 2011 Alex Bond gave a five-day training course to scientists from Pakistan on the application of GoldSim to assessing the safety of a near-surface repository for low-level radioactive waste.

The course was organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency and was held in their offices in Vienna. The training covered both the concepts of performance assessment and safety assessment for near-surface repositories and how GoldSim, including the radionuclide transort module, can be used to quantify these. Positive feedback was received from the participants including:

"This National Training course on GoldSim was very informative, practical and helpful for the safety assessment of future repositories. We learnt a lot from the course. All sessions were well interlinked with each other and subsequent discussions were also well aided with examples and exercises. Theses exercises provided insight in the subject. ...  Overall it was a very good course. We look forward for similar activities from you and your company."

Ali Safdar, Head of Radioactive Disposal Safety, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

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