Making the Environmental Safety Case

Measurements, modelling and risk assessment provides a central part of the argument about the safety of contaminated land. However, this alone may be insufficient to make the case that the land is being managed in a suitable way. It is necessary to recognise wider regulatory requirements and demonstrate the robustness of the Environmental Safety Case though other lines of argument, in particular by demonstrating that the approach is optimised.

There is considerable existing guidance on the requirements for Land Quality Management on existing sites which provides the basis for developing plans and programmes. Nevertheless, it is often the case that aspects of a plan to manage radioactively contaminated land or restore a site are novel, so early engagement with regulators is very important. This engagement will shape the aspects considered in making the Environmental Safety Case. Whatever the details, a regulatory case will inevitably be a multidisciplinary document, drawing on different types of arguments and evidence. Our capabilities in site characterisation, risk assessment and decision making also mean that we can integrate underpinning documents and the overarching case is a seamless way.