Waste Acceptance Criteria

Appropriate Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) are an essential component of facility design and operation. They ensure that the wastes are physically suitable for a disposal facility, and that the inventory is controlled and is consistent with relevant limits and requirements.

In doing so they must be specified in a way that meets consignor requirements for clarity and simplicity, whilst providing a mechanism to ensure sufficient control to ensure that the performance and safety will be consistent with claims in the relevant safety cases and associated optimisation requirements.

Quintessa has provided advice on WAC for a range of clients, and indeed employees and associates have provided key support in designing and developing WAC in response to consignor and Environmental Safety Case requirements. For example, we are presently supporting the development of WAC for the UK’s low-level waste repository. Previously, Quintessa employees and associates undertook a review of international approaches to WAC and led a project to recommend appropriate WAC and disposal approaches for the Slovenian waste management organisations.