GoldSim Training for LLWR Repository Ltd

Alex Bond, supported by Alan Paulley and George Towler, provided a week-long, web-hosted course to LLW Repository Ltd. (LLWR) (the operator of the UK’s principal disposal facility for Low-Level Waste) on the use of GoldSim to support a wide range of applications.

The course covered essential principles of GoldSim usage, fundamental modelling approaches, the use of performance assessment methodologies for radioactive waste management as well as detailed discussion of application of the GoldSim Radionuclide Transport module. The participants built a large number of examples illustrating the usage of different GoldSim features, allowing the participants to gain confidence in their application of GoldSim. The course also offered an opportunity for the participants to build a more complex case selected by LLWR, with the close support of Alex Bond.

A deep red circle crossed by three parallel curved lines, each tapering to a point at the edge of the circle. The words 'LLW Repository Ltd' in grey and a bold font.
The LLWR logo

The course organiser Sam Stead of LLWR said:

Many of our environmental safety case’s impact assessment models are implemented in GoldSim so we commissioned this course to sharpen and reinforce our in-house capability. The course was very well organised and structured, enabling attendees to get to grips with the software via hands-on examples despite the challenges of remote working.

Quintessa is a Certified GoldSim Solution Provider and Alex Bond is a Certified GoldSim Training Provider

A screenshot of the Goldsim application, showing a case file called 'Example CT12', with the name 'Diffusion through a Column with a CellNet' and with items Geometry, Cells 1→5 linked in a chain, 5 corresponding zones linked in a chain etc., and a side-panel with the model organised as a collapsible tree.
An example model in GoldSim, as used in the training course