Radioactivity can be released to the environment in particulate form, for example as a result of erosion of a landfill containing radium contaminated items at Dalgety Bay and the historical release of irradiated fuel particles from the Dounreay site. Particles behave in a specific way within the environment and are associated with specific potential exposure scenarios and pathways. For example, it is necessary to assess exposures and uptakes from particles in quite a different way from contamination present in other, natural media. Quintessa is experienced in assessing particle transport and potential exposure in support of remediation decisions.

Quintessa's capabilities and experience includes:

  • assessing potential exposures arising from irradiated fuel particles in the environment around the Dounreay site; and
  • using the results of particle monitoring to evaluate and refine models for the behaviour of particles within the marine environment, notably in sediment transport along the coastline at Dounreay.

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